Jaggery-Health Care: Do You Know How Jaggery Is Made? Why Eat Jaggery Instead Of Sugar? Get To Know

Jaggery-Health Care: Why jaggery is better than sugar?  Learn how to make molasses!

Uttar Dinajpur: Many farmers in Uttar Dinajpur district make sugarcane jaggery from their sugarcane.  At the end of November and December, they sow sugarcane pods and plant sugarcane trees in their land.  After ten long months of waiting and tending, they made sugarcane molasses from the sugarcane plants.  And sold that sugarcane jaggery in different markets.  But do you know how sugarcane molasses is made?  Farmer Aben Devasharma said that they cut the sugarcane trees and extracted the sugarcane juice with a diesel-powered sugarcane cutting machine.  After extracting the juice, he cleaned the dirt with a strainer and poured it into a large tin container.

The juice should be kept in a container for 15 to 20 minutes before straining.  So that the dirt in the juice accumulates below.  Then remove the dirt accumulated on top of the juice and strain it with a cloth and pour it into the pan.  Then you have to start straining the juice of the pan.  Then put a big pan on a big heat and boil the sugarcane juice in that heat for a couple of hours.  A large amount of dirt floats up in the first stage during juicing, which has to be removed immediately.

Apart from cleaning dirt and making jaggery sticky, some things are mixed in that sugarcane juice.  For example, the sticky nirjas of Ban Dhars, Ulat Kambal, Chimul rice and Aloe Vera etc. are used. After crushing their trunks, mixing them with water and adding them to sugarcane juice, the dirt in the juice is coagulated.  This dirt can be filtered very easily with a filter.  Then when the juice becomes thick and red in color, it should be taken off the heat.  After unloading the jaggery is cooled and the cooled jaggery is stored in earthen pots or earthen pots or tin molds and marketed.  This jaggery has more properties than sugar.  So quit sugar and start eating jaggery from today.

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